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Kent Cornucopia Days 5K

Hideous t-shirts
Couldn’t catch up to old man
Dodging golfers’ balls

Another 5K
Kent Cornucopia Days
Family fun run


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5 thoughts on “Kent Cornucopia Days 5K

  1. Wow, your parents did this with you? That is freakin awesome! BTW, love your kicks!!

    • This is the 2nd 5k for my dad and my mom’s 3rd. They’re why I did it. (My mom wanted to do it for the orange shirts. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.) Anytime they want to get out there, I’m in. I love that they’re doing it. My brother and I run, then go back to walk in with them whatever they have left. Re: the shoes, thanks! They’re very comfortable for walking and ok for running 5Ks etc. I wouldn’t use them for longer than that. They actually aren’t running shoes. (I wish mine were that bright or fun!) I got them for working out (doing Insanity in the mornings – ugh) and they’re ok for that. The sides are a little soft though and ideally should have more support for when one has to pivot, etc. They do ok but it turns out they’re more stylish than useful when it comes to heavy wear and tear.

      Love your shots of Seattle and your outdoor exercise tips. I can never think of what to do but you’ve given me some good training ideas. You have any events/races coming up?

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