seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running

This can’t be healthy

Waking up early
Endure painful exercise
This can’t be healthy




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8 thoughts on “This can’t be healthy

  1. Lots of people are
    Sweating before 6am
    It’s called commitment

    The payoff is great
    Fit, firm, stronger, leaner, well
    Yes, it IS healthy

    • Dress too tight last week
      Guess what I’m wearing today
      Will stop complaining

      (that last line was a total lie. Expect future complaints. That workout was a b&tch. Hmmm. That was fast. I didn’t know my next complaint was going to be in the immediate future.)

  2. atothewr on said:

    I feel the same way – especially days like today. I came in from my run and I couldn’t even get my shirt off. I was that sweaty. Why do we get up at 5 in the morning to run? Because we love it. Pain is just a sidebar.

    • I agree with the running part and getting fresh air. My problem is I want to get faster and stronger so I’ve been doing Insanity in the mornings for strength training. It’s working but it’s killer. That said, I know I’ll be happy about it this weekend when I tackle the hills in my Ragnar Relay run.

      I wish I could get stronger by staring at the ceiling.

      • atothewr on said:

        Yeah, me too. Like your blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring.

      • Thanks for reading and commenting. I post contributing haiku as well so feel free to try your own and submit it anytime! It’s fun and sometimes helps distract me from counting the miles when I have a boring run

      • atothewr on said:

        I’ll try that. I’ve just gotten into Haikus. They are fun to do.

      • atothewr on said:

        I’ll try that. I’ve just gotten into Haikus. They are fun to do.

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