seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running


I have a friend who has been comfortable, and more open than most, talking about all kinds of necessary body functions. In fact, sometimes I think it’s an obsession. When I started running, I realized it is also something one has to legitimately think about and work around. So, today is dedicated to our favorite – poo. We each wrote one so continue scrolling past pictures to get to the second haiku.

Do not run in discomfort
Empty your bowels



The following haiku by Linda Bang

Well, what can I say?
Regularity is key
I love a good poop



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4 thoughts on “Poo

  1. hilarious! but definitely a critical part of timing a long run! LOL

  2. I am a Health Coach, as well as a runner, triathlete.. you know me. I’d just like to suggest Nature Calm by Natural Vitality – it’s a magnesium supplement that you take at night. It’ll help you sleep because it relaxes your muscles. And when you wake up, it’ll help you poop too because bowels are muscles and they too were relaxed. You won’t poop your pants but I’m telling you … you’ll feel like it was the first time you’ve ever pooped. The stuff is amazing. But mainly because our bodies typically don’t get enough magnesium and calcium from the diet and this supplement helps regulate our stores. Cheers! Fun post.

  3. Linda on said:

    Hey, the grunty girl on the toilet looks asian….

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