seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running

Relief up ahead

Gu was a mistake
I almost didn’t make it
Relief up ahead



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6 thoughts on “Relief up ahead

  1. LMAO. Sometimes it IS! (a mistake)

  2. EW.
    Apparently Gu is the name of the product as well as the side effect?

    • Usually the gels are really helpful and I wanted to try what was a new flavor for me before I stocked up again. Turns out I’ll be sticking with the flavors and type I’m already used to.

  3. Hahahahaha! And thank GOODNESS a potty was near!

    • I’m in an odd spot where, depending on which direction I run, I can head to traffic and civilization, restaurants and bars, or into the country, mountains, and the middle of no where. That said, you can better believe the route I took yesterday was very deliberate. As a safety precaution, on runs 8 miles or more, I head down a country road that intersects a trail and Honey Bucket station at miles 4.5 and 5.:-) Thank goodness I was smart enough to do that yesterday. That espresso flavored gel did not sit well at all! Never had that reaction before. The Honey Bucket almost wasn’t close enough!

  4. I still love that the portaloos are called Honey Bucket. Too bad it’s not really a bucket o’ honey rather than than a bucket o’ poo.

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