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The morning workout (aka Morning disaster)

The alarm goes off
Working out my arms hitting ‘snooze’
Morning disaster




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11 thoughts on “The morning workout (aka Morning disaster)

  1. During the work week, you find me doing the same thing lol; eyes opened , but I’m really sleep walking for five to ten minutes before I’m fully alert!

    • I’ll admit that this morning wasn’t truly a disaster, other than making a sore ankle worse. I got my workout in and my blood flowing before I had to work. It just felt like a disaster between the time the alarm went off and the time it took me to actually start my workout. It took much longer to rally up than it should have.

      • Ack! What happened to your ankle?!

      • runninghaiku on said:

        Jill, unclear but I have my suspicions. I had team Tough Mudder training and needed traction so wore my minimalist trail shoes but ended up running quite a bit on pavement without my inserts and felt sore after that. Had a steep 11 mile hike (gorgeous!) the next day and felt it a little more. Pushed my luck with an 8.5 mile run Monday followed by an ice wrap. Not going to run again until this weekend. Am doing most of my Insanity jumping with majority pressure on my left leg. I’m used to having problems with my left leg (I was hit by a car when I lived in DC) but right side problems are totally new to me.

  2. HAHA. nice owl picture.

  3. at least you got out of bed and did it…i’ve been rolling over and having to try to squeeze things in at the end of the day…which i’m not very good at either!

    • runninghaiku on said:

      Cathy, I owe it to you and your sister. I can’t tell you how often I think of something you posted a while ago of something I think your sister said. The sum of it was stop waitin to be motivated – you just need to be determined. That’s how I got my ass out of bed this morning.

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