seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running

Your turn

What haiku does this inspire you to write? Anyone else wondering how the man found himself in this situation?


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15 thoughts on “Your turn

  1. One I came up with but bonus points if yours has something to do with running, health or fitness. Welcome all submissions though.

    Man versus nature
    Unexpected visitor
    Mud bath gone awry

  2. Naked Hippo-Human Relay Race

    At the relay point
    With no sign of the baton
    Hippo got hungry

  3. shufflewriter on said:

    Tourist’s cameras click
    Such a sight is rare
    Nature joins in


    Finish line in sight
    A backwards glance reveals
    He will be run down

  4. trikatykid on said:

    Why hide what God made?
    Even the hippos don’t care.
    Let it all hang out.

  5. mlwattsupp on said:

    “Bare in Africa”.
    Nudie run turns into chase.
    Guaranteed PR!

  6. Running Unplugged on said:

    Wanted a pacer…
    My friend thought he’d play a joke…
    He brought a hippo.

  7. One thought to ponder,
    Does this make my ass look big?
    Photoshop is fun.

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