seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running

Rather do burpees

Could not be more bored
How boring is this meeting?
Rather do burpees





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14 thoughts on “Rather do burpees

  1. that last one.. is how I feel every day at work.

    • I am so sorry. I will say this, of all of the things I could complain about regarding work, boredom is not usually one of them. Today was an anomaly, which is probably why I was such an impatient baby about it. A boring job is pretty close to my version of hell for me, but everyone has their own pet peeves, vices and priorities. Some would hate the unpredictability and inconsistencies of mine.

      • I am with you there on a boring job. I have been spending my boredom getting paid to search and apply for something less boring. And to think .. this job is “in my field” .. I did not go to grad school to be bored. That’s for sure. Anyway, I am being a spoiled brat now. Must go back to doing something “productive”.:)

  2. Talking to myself
    A one person department
    Productive meetings

  3. I am not having a boring day…haven’t in a while (would almost kill for just one)…but did need the laugh I got when I read the haiku and the cartoons! Love it!

    • I thought the Dilbert comic was a nice find. I’m tempted to send it around to colleagues the next time I get pissy in a meeting. Instead of apologizing, I think it will sufficiently explain the reason for my moodiness.

  4. Been reading Haiku
    Running – Time to say Thank-You
    Inspired Laughter

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